Animal feed

Poultry Feed for Broiler Chickens


Origin: South Africa
Broiler Chicken Feed suitable for Pre Slaughter Phase. Broiler Poultry Feed.
Moisture (maximum %):11
Crude protein (N x 6.25) (maximum %):20
Crude Fat (maximum %): 6
Crude fibre (maximum %): 6.0
Acid-insoluble ash (maximum %):3.0
Salt (as NaCl) (maximum %):0.6
Calcium (Ca) (maximum %): 1.2
Available phosphorus (minimum %): 0.5
Lysine (maximum %):1.0
Methionine (maximum %):0.35
Metabolizable energy (minimum cal/kg): 2900
Manganese (mg/kg):90
Iodine (mg/kg):1
Iron (mg/kg):120
Zinc (mg/kg):60
Copper (mg/kg):12
Vitamin A (IU/kg):6000
Vitamin D3 (IU/kg):600
Thiamine (mg/kg):5
Riboflavin (mg/kg):6
Pantothenic acid (mg/kg):15
Nicotinic acid (mg/kg):40
Biotin (mg/kg):0.2
Vitamin B12 (mg/kg):0.015
Folic acid(mg/kg):1.0
Choline (mg/kg):1000
Vitamin E (mg/kg):15
Vitamin K (mg/kg):1.0
Pyridoxine (mg/kg):5
Linoleic acid (g/100 g):1
Methionine + cystine (g/100 g):0.7

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