Used Cooking Oil


FFA (Free Fatty Acid) : 5% max
M.I.U. (Moisture and Impurities) : 2% max
Saponification : 185-200 mg KOH/g
Iodine Value : 75-100
Titre C (melting point) : 23-28 C min

Cooking Vegetable Oil…

Free fatty acid ( as palmitic ) -0.1% max
Moisture & Impurities – 0.1% max
Iodine value ( wijs method ) – 56 min
Slip Melting point -24 deg C max
Cloud Point – 10 deg C max
Colour ( 51/4 lovibond cell ) 3 Red max


The oil is fully filtered and contains no impurities.

Our Used Cooking Oil is collected from hotels,restaurants, and bakeries
and so on which is good feedstock for bio diesel production having the
capacity to provide you huge quantity and good quality of used cooking
oil regularly and long term relationship

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