Used rail scrap

We can supply used rail as;


Specifications and Chemical Composition:

Used Rail: R50 (51.67KG/Meter, GOST 7173-55),
Used Rail: R65 (64.72KG/Meter, GOST 8161-75).

Size & Weight: Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction till minimum 1,50 mt ;
Width: 5.5 inches; Weight:64.72Kg.
No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are on the used rails. All rails are clean and straight.
No pitting. Only atmospheric rust.
No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meter (max.) before shipment.

Mn: 0.60% – 1.05%;
C: 0.54% – 0.82%;
Si: 0.18% – 0.40%;
S: 0.04% Max.;
P: 0.035% Max.;
As: 0.01% Max of Mass Share;
Cr: Residual