White maize

Product name:Non GMO White and yellow corn

1.Non GMO White maize/white corn



Moisture                                                         13.50% mass/mass max
Foreign/ Extraneous matter                             0.5%  mass/mass max
Inorganic matter                                               0.25% mass/mass max
Filth                                                                  0.10% mass/mass max
Other edible grains                                          0.5
Discolored grains                                             0.5% mass/mass  max
Diseased (rotten and mouldy) grains               2.0% mass/mass max
Pest damaged grains                                      1.0% mass/mass  max
Immature and shrivelled/shrunk grains          1.0% mass/mass  max
Broken kernels                                                2.0% mass/mass  max
Total defective/ damaged grains                     4.6% mass/mass  max
Aflatoxin % PPB m/m max                                 0% mass/mass max

Free from Agro diseases
Free from any lives insect’s pest & harmful deal insects
Free from harmful material & dioxins
Free from fermentation,not lumpy or rotten
Not treated with chemicals harmful to man or animal



2.Non GMO Yellow maize



Commodity and specification:
Non- GMO White maize.
For human consumption.
Crop: 2017
Moisture Content: 12.5% max
Extraneous Matter/Trash: 1% max
Broken: 3% max
Shrivelled: 1% max
Grain of other colour: 2% max
Rotten/Moulded: 1% max
Aflatoxin Total: 4 ppb max
Contaminants: None
Germinating Grain: None
Live Insects: Free

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